September Mourning at Diesel Club and Lounge - 6/9/2017

I got down to the show pretty early so I decided to hit up the convince store cross the street from "Diesel". I always liked to go on the hunt for new and different energy drinks. I always seemed to find the most off the wall items at little, off the grid stores and tonight would be no different. I walked in and looked around the store some. It was just your typical convience store, well maybe, maybe not. I did find a item that caught my eye. 

energy drink.jpg

I followed that up with a extra strength five hour. Hey, I was tired and I was going to need the extra energy. I was definitely feeling it after chugging both of those and I was ready for the show.

I entered Diesel a little after 7 and settled in my spot at the front of the stage. I was pretty pumped for the show because I missed September Mourning the last time they were in town. I also was going to see OverMyDeadBody for the first time and The Art of Burning Bridges for just the second time. 

OverMyDeadBody took the stage with a ton of energy. I was a little disappointed with the crowd but it did not bother the band, or at least they didn't show it. Natasha, the lead singer, came out with a ton of energy and the band followed suit. The band was heavy with driving drums and some nice guitar work. I would definitely go see them again and definitely pick up the CD.


Next up was the Art of Burning Bridges and the reason I came. I had a chance to see them open for Starset and Gemini Syndrome so I was excited to see them again. They did not disappoint! Anthony's vocals are haunting and familiar. It draws you in and keeps you. The music is so well composed. They play like one unit with everything hitting at the exact right time flawlessly. I will see them any chance I get. They brought Natasha (OverMyDeadBody) to sing "Bring Me to Life" and needless to say they crushed it. They are working on putting out their first CD. I looking forward to picking up and playing it out. Hopefully they include "Walls" because I think that just may be my favorite track. I hear we may be getting their freshman release in the fall. 

Finally, September Mourning was up and the crowd was excited. I missed them the last time they were in town and did not want to miss out on them again.I listened to some of their music on YouTube before the show so I could be a little familiar with the music. Don't worry, I did buy the CD at the and had it signed. I do not think the videos do the band justice at all. The stage show was amazing. It was an audio visual story with a great story teller and amazing musicians. September has the a great voice and the reapers are very talented musicians. I would love to see what they could do on a bigger stage with more resources behind them. They don't need to stand on a gimmick either because they are so talented but it adds to it. The cover of "Stand by Me" blew me away. It is such a different twist on a classic but it works. I think my favorite songs were "Heart Can Hold" and "Skin and Bones." It was a great show. I'm glad I did not miss them and I will not miss them if they come through again. You shouldn't miss them either.