Motograter at Club Diesel - February 15th 2017

White Thrash opened the show. They are a relatively new thrash punk band from Ellwood City. The music was solid but did not really stand out. That said, they played to a ‘crowd’ of 3 people as if the room were packed. You can check them out their music and show schedule on Facebook. The will be at Cattivo on March 11th with Before I Turn, Ashes of a Generation and Natural Causes.

The second band to play was The Art of Burning Bridges. They are an Alternative Rock band from Pittsburgh that borders on progressive. While you can hear some strong elements of Breaking Benjamin and Disturbed, they have a powerful sound that is all their own. Pounding rhythms, atmospheric keys, intricate guitars and timeless vocals, this is a band well worth checking out.  They are currently finishing production on their Debut Album. Look them up on RevebNation

Only Flesh came on next. This band took the show in a much different direction. Known for live crucifixions and flesh suspensions, Only Flesh takes their Industrial roots and Marylin Manson style vocals and adds a very unique stage show. During the set the singer hammered a nail into his nose mid song. One of their entourage dumped broken glass on the stage so she could jump on it in bare feet and later the singer held onto a chain attached to a large hook piercing her abdomen. None of this detracted from the music they were playing. Heavy guitar riffs over a driving drum beat and distorted bass. Listen for yourself at or catch them again at Diesel when they open for Dope and Combichrist March 21st.

Finally Motogrator took the stage and I mean they took the stage. The atmosphere suddenly became dark and heavy. Their presence could be felt, the crowd pulled close to the stage. This isn’t a band that you just listen to. It’s an experience that draws you in. The entire band was painted black and white, this plays well with the light show that accompanied their set. The songs alternate from guttural screams to clean melodic vocals. The new singer nailed every note and had a great stage presence. It is obvious that this band really enjoys what they do. Despite their appearance, after the set they were all smiles and real friendly with the fans. I would highly recommend seeing this band when they come to town on June 1, 2017 supporting HED PE at the Rex.