Lacuna Coil welcomes everyone to the Sanatorium at Diesel!

I've been looking forward to this show for some time and I knew it was not going to disappoint. It was a scheduled early show and I did not have a problem with that. We arrived at Diesel around 5. The line to get in was down the block and almost wrapping around the building. The doors opened a little after 5:30 and we started in.

It was an all ages show so the crowd was very diverse. It was nice to a couple younger fans there to keep the love of metal alive in Pittsburgh. We headed upstairs immediately to sit in one of the VIP areas that they open up sometimes for shows. We knew we couldn't get to the front of the crowd so this was the next best option. We staked out our ground for the next four hours and we were not moving. I understand if you go to a show you want to be able to see but you do not do that at my expense, trust me. Also, it's just good etiquette to not steal someone else's spot when they leave for one minute. Okay, let's get back on point and back to the music. 

The first band up was Shattered from the Greensburg area of Pittsburgh. They were good. They had good energy and sounded tight. They did not stand out though and seemed kind of generic. Next up was Venus in Furs and they were different. A good kind of different and you don't see different to often. A giant mic stand and the lead singer in cowboy hat with gloves and a big goatee/beard. He was going for a look and definitely pulled it off. They had psychedelic feel with vivid imagery playing on the video screen behind them and dancing girls on both sides. All of that could have distracted you from the actual music being played but for it added to it. It's nice when bands put effort and energy into the stage show. It's smart. You don't want to look like every other band out there. I will not forget Venus in Furs. Last up before the main event was local band Defy the Tide. They were on fire. Great energy, technically majestic and got the crowd pumped. I will definitely go out to see them headline at a show after that set. They play on October 20th at the Empire Club in Akron, Ohio (just in case you want to see them).

Finally, Lacuna Coil took the stage and the crowd was ready for them. The face paint, the white clothing, the video screen of the an old hospital in the background, and everything else just added to the very cool dark ambiance. The band played "Heaven's a Lie" very early in the set, which I thought was a little odd but it was amazing. The whole night was special with Christina thanking the fans for supporting the band over the last 20 years. They even played a crowd requested song, "You Love Me 'Cause I hate You." You could sense the appreciation and love the band has for the music and the fans. I was up on the balcony  looking down on the crowd and you could see the fans giving that love back to the band. The connection that the band has built with it's fans over the last couple of decades is something special. They could've played for another hour and not one person would've minded. It was a special night.